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The Solus TA71 is Kumho’s Grand Touring All-Season tire developed for sporty coupes and luxury performance sedans and the people who love to drive them. Designed to combine responsive handling with quiet comfort, Solus TA71 tires deliver all-weather traction, even in light snow.

Solus TA71 tires feature Kumho’s advanced nano silica compound that is engineered to disperse heat for extended treadlife and traction in cold temperatures. This compound is molded into an asymmetric tread design to create a contact area that promotes grip and steering response in any weather. Four wide grooves evacuate water to promote wet traction and resist hydroplaning while precisely angled snow sipes create tiny gripping edges that are fine-tuned for traction on cold, slick surfaces.

Kumho’s ESCOT Casing Technology optimizes sidewall cord tension distribution to promote steering response and treadlife. The tire’s internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon to enhance high-speed stability. Use of jointless bead bundles help isolate bumps and vibration for a smoother, quieter ride.


  1. Like many others have noted, this tire is gone after 29,500 miles vs a 60,000 warranty. It is down to 2/32 after a combination of highway and local roads driving. And the traction in snow is horrible. Stay away from this tire.

  2. Had these on the car about 3 years and 35,000 miles. The driving has been a mix of highway and city driving of which I would classify as average style. I pretty much drive in my lane and the speed limit at all times. The tires are average at best in all aspects whether that be in snow, on ice or hot weather and dry road conditions. That being said, I bought these expecting them to last longer in regards to miles but at 35,000 miles the wear bars are about even with the top of the tread on all tires. I do all my own maintenance for oil/ filter changes as well as tire rotations. That happens two to three times a year based on the maintenance minder on the car dashboard. The thing that also is annoying is that the tires are sooo noisy. Thread noise is very noticable even with the radio on and conversations have to be at a higher voice to be understood well. If I could go back and buy these again, I wouldn’t nor would I recommend these to friends and neighbors.

  3. Tire was a good all around performer except for one major issue. I replaced these today as they were absolutely gone at 35,000 miles. Unacceptable to consider another purchase for a 60,000 mile tire to get just a little bit more than half of its rated mileage. No uneven wear or anything to indicate a reason for the quick wear. As others have said they develop flat spots when parked. I generally tried to make sure that they had the recommended psi and did not dip to a low psi.

  4. I got these becuase they were cheap and all I could afford at the time.Overall the ride was acceptable, steering feel was also OK, however they were very touchy as to tire pressure, if the were slightly under or over inflated, they would be out of balance. I found breaking, dry and wet to be somewhat poor.One of these tires was destroyed when one of my kids drove it flat for about 5 miles – the good thing is the tire did protect the rim for that distance, there was about 2 cups of loose rubber inside the tire from driving it flat. So high marks for rim protection.At 35k miles, they are about 50% worn. I decided to replace all 4 tires, even though I could have replaced just 2.

  5. Had good experience with Kuhmo Ecsta’s on a different car, so though I’d try the Solus on our BMW 528. Disappointed. After about 8000 miles the noise became horrible. Sound’s awful, especially at slow speeds. I’m spoiled by having run several sets of Continental DWS’s in the past and I’ll return to those when these run their course. About 2/3rds gone at this point. Rated most elements about a 7 – the Conti’s were 8-10’s by comparison.

  6. Bought these tire in Sept 2016 based on reading Tire Rack’s tire rating chart under Grand Touring All-Season category. The rating was all green(good) and the price was good $135 per tire with after $75 rebate it drops to $116 per tire. These tires have comfort ride, noise control is good. Rotate at every oil change 5000-7500 miles. Brought my van to the tire shop due to noticeable vibration at 70 mph, the vibration was due to the rubber separates from the tire. I can see tire’s steel wire structure from the 1/8”x 3” gap which I have never seenbefore. Aside from the separation issue, the tread is less than 2/32 depth after 26,500miles. Immediately replace to a new set of tire. Maybe these tire are not for minivan.


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